it's not for you, you understand . . . it's for me.

what is this? it's a private link directory. it's an experiment in anti-usability. it may not be here (in this form) much longer.

so what? you might be looking for the summervillain muses (formerly known as the journal and the "blurgh").

if you care to quibble, feel free?


gila masstax perl post tmplt xl (cc aka evil) cap chase cit fu sr (search) campusi (books) technorati terms vivisimo


em surch amgfix, artist@mp3, album@mp3, moz resurch epinion fifths legal restring upcoming (bans) meds ops whips


me path


(apps) block! graveyard xlink spam valid (access) dive lynxview readers vischeck (css) compat containters glish meyer :lists p7 pure tab sam sliding stop stupidtable suckerdrop thrash unraveled zen (d) compat geckodom iedom (flash) bellew planet (flinfo) jpg (fonts) 1 2 ed 2 (hlink) 1 2 3 4 (mail) auth auth2 saslauthd sendmail veldt smtp-auth (serverside) apachemods phpdoc ezphp ezphp2 free: cvsup :ports :portsdoc tickle (robots) . (stat) heatlh na traffic (stds) initiative project

1amd & fairuse

hymn illegal


almanac bridge dance distance failure fake fallacy furor hello moon mystical pancake pastemob reign of rein smarty suckotash (r.i.p.) turnip twas (indc)


abbey allasia citysurch hoss (r.i.p.) kirkland cafe middle east moontower rearwind skybar tt ttcal whether mitt whether noah wmbr (wurk) bugc bugcsrc icaa mitc perl


txtw (lit) mcswys ready (mus) trust (vid) gist




(greek) lorem ipsum (muse) pagethief


(capital) am eb1 2 (cmp) tiger (gen) eflat mysimon (muse) djang echonz (vid) avd hk
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